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THANK YOU ALL for your support, attendance, or simply spreading the word. Our recent reunion was a tremendous success. We truly have a special ENERGY that we share. This was NOT "just a CLASS reunion"---nope. This was, in fact, a true "FAMILY REUNION" and it felt as such. If you missed it, please know that your family MISSED YOU.

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New Branding: The RKHS "1988 Family"
(even simpler >>> "88 FAM" )

We truly FIT the defition...
We have posted several photos on our Facebook page. Check back soon and look for the FULL GALLERIES posted on "this site" and even some amazing videos that capture the memories of OUR "88 FAM" so well.
Enjoy the "Family Reunion" Highlights Above (animated GIF) --- We have posted many photos on Facebook already and we shall post FULL GALLERIES on our main site: soon (including dynamic video compilations from the memorable weekend).
*** Special Thanks to DANA COOPER ('88) ***
Dana printed and mounted the large poster boards with photos of our 1988 Commencement and the great shot of us clownin' on the track for our yearbook group shot.
She also printed all those FUN blue and gold signs you see everybody holding in the countless photos. The signs worked out great and proved to be loads of fun. They added a special lasting impression/signature to all those photos. We shall enjoy and look back at them for years.
THANK YOU, Dana!!!! We love you!!!!

Additional Thanks Go Out To:

  • Deiadra Queary for encouraging RM Lathan to start the Facebook Group back in October 2012 (which got the ball rolling for all this), all the outreach efforts, and more.
  • Tracy Lynn Damon for all the energy and Facebook "stalking" that helped locate classmates.
  • Valencia Brown for all the hard work, paying for printing, setting up, and running the registration tables.
  • Tomika Woods for all the hard work, paying for printing, DJ booking, setting up, collecting money, flying in from Texas, and more.
  • Tasha (Webber) Patterson for the great balloons, communication, great suggestion about "WELL PRESERVED Since 1988", motivating Lathan to design the shirts, driving up from Chicago, and more.
  • Marlo Thomas for all the help with set up, the old school days photos, and more.
  • Necole Haskins-Montford for LEADING the Zumba Fundraiser event and coming in from Atlanta.
  • Adrienne Mitchell for spreading the word and making the LONG TRIP from South Korea.
  • LaShawn Hickman for all the help with set up, spreading the word, and more.
  • LaMar Ridgeway for helping set up at AlumFest and spreading the word.
  • Mike Schnarsky for the old B&W yearbook photos DVD on the flat screen at Mo's.
  • Shanna Reid for all her great event expertise, printing, setting up, balloons, masks, recruitment, crackin' the whip, follow up, execution, and more.
  • Stacy (Allen) Stinson (and Rita) for providing such delicious food at AlumFest and communicating with retired faculty.
  • Kenne Evans for all the help with set up, coordinating RKHS vs. Riverside Football Game, ideas, making the trip from Texas, and more.
  • Brian Bradford for all the photos, helping out in other areas, and spreading the word.
  • Wes Spitznagle for making the drive from Madison and spreading the word.
  • James Howard for making the drive from Georgia, setting up, and spreading the word.
  • Charles (Cyrus) Justus for helping set up the grills, moving tables/chairs, and more.
  • Rodney Richards for helping set up and flying in from Nevada.
  • Jowana Epps for helping track people down and spreading the word.
  • Paul Erdtmann for bringing so many "nostalgia" items for our memories display, providing the MP3 from our 1988 audio yearbook, and driving in from Madison.

There were certainly wonderful contributions made by all. Even if you only helped by telling others about the reunion, please understand how much that was appreciated---BIG HELP, indeed. In fact, we all should CONTINUE to spread the word, please. We only have about 130 "family members" in our Facebook group and on our e-list. There is plenty of room to expand that. Let's keep "finding" more 88 FAM and adding them to our FB group.

If were not able to attend, please know that YOU were missed greatly. We hope you have been enjoying a few of the photos posted on our FB group so far...and enjoyed a glimpse of what you missed. :)

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Images and Memories from our HS Days (1984-1988) :::: Get Nostalgic and Join us THIS YEAR

Enjoy the FlashBack From 2008 :::: Get Nostalgic and Join us THIS YEAR

We have a "BIG TENT" spirit and philosophy, Fellow Generals!!!!! We welcome everybody this weekend. Please simply SHOW UP at one or more of our various events.

-- Even "IF" you did not "register" or pay (that is OK---we just want you to JOIN us).
-- Even "IF" you did not "finish/graduate" with us in June 1988 (that's OK---you are STILL FAMILY to us).
-- Even "IF" you can only make it to ONE (1) of our various events (you will be glad you made it).
(thanks for spreading the word regarding this sincere fact)

Register and RSVP (it is a big help)

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Full Schedule

Your Planning Team:

Paul Grant, Louisa Eastman, Larissa Cobb (Lampkins), Deiadra Queary, Mike Schnarsky, Brian Hinshaw, Freddie Jacobs, Kirby Lewis, Shanna Reid, Tomika Woods, Valencia Weinman (Brown), Harold Arnold, Kenne Evans, James Howard, Jowana Epps, Tasha Patterson (Webber), Heather St. Arnold (Kreuziger), Shanna Reid, Marlo Thomas, LaShawn Hickman, Chanin Rae (Kelly), Venitia Beene, Brian Bradford, LaMar Ridgeway, Wes Spitznagle, Stacy Stinson (Allen), Tracy Damon, Necole Haskins-Montford, and Robert Morris "RM" Lathan.

Team Leadership:
Paul Grant -- Committee Lead & Location Manager
Deiadra Queary -- Outreach
Tomika Woods -- DJ & Entertainment
Necole Montford (Haskins) -- Zumba Fundraiser
Stacy Stinson (Allen) -- AlumFest Picnic & Faculty Liaison
Kenne Evans -- Riverside Football Game Liaison
Shanna Reid -- Nostalgia Table & AlumFest Picnic
Tasha Patterson (Webber) -- Decorations

If you took some nice pics w/ your camera or phone, please upload them to your PERSONAL page on (RKN). If you don't have a personal page on RKN, this is the PERFECT time to stop procrastinating and MAKE IT HAPPEN...LOL.
A few quotable reviews
from our classmates:
" was really great to see so many of our talented fellow '88ers!! A genuine and crazy-fun group!"
Shana (Ponto)
"Had a great time hanging out with the ol' classmates at Devon's."
"...such a good job on the reunion. Excellent, excellent, excellent!!!"

"That was awesome!!! I love this school. It was so wonderful seeing everyone. Let's increase our numbers!!!"
Monique (Brooks)
"You guys inspired me to take part in the planning of our 25 year reunion! Here it is in black and white, and you can hold me to it!"
"THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! To everyone for taking part and attending the reunion. This brought back so many memories for me and I look forward to making many more with all that I had a chance to reconnect with. Love to all of my classmates!"
Holly (Kierzek)
"I enjoyed myself this weekend... It was Great!!! Thanks to everyone who had a hand in making this past weekend a success!!!!!"
"Thanks for a fabulous weekend of events to all of you who worked so hard to make it happen!!!!"
Heather (Kreuziger)
St. Arnold
"It was fun looking back at the weekend, it was such a blast. I'm sad that it's over but it just gives us a chance to look forward to the next one."
Tasha (Webber)
"The reunion was a BLAST!!!!!!!"
Patrice (Bostic)
"I had a wonderful time and it was GREAT to see everyone. Many kudo's goes out..."
Brigette (McCoy)
"I had a great time at the reunion. It brought back so many memories. I appreciate all of the hard work that went into making the reunion a success."
"I had a great time, and reconnected with a lot of friends I haven't seen in many years."

Check out 1988 Senior Yearbook Photos
(get ready to laugh)